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December 16, 2008


Jinky Bean

Emmy was Mrs. Claus last Thursday night in her school program. She did a wonderful job singing and just be "ON" for the show. Sunday all three girls were in the church program. Amber (almost 5)was as pretty as could be holding her candle and smiling. Lauren did her best to hold her bells and ring them : ) Amber and Lauren have their school program this Thursday night...I can't wait to see it.


I'm glad she was able to participate. What a relief. And I'm even happier that she's doing so much better. Still, be careful..

Mine are still young, but I think their Kindergarten Christmas program will always live in infamy. It was so sweet, and cute. I'll have to tell you about Mathieu reading "The Night Before Christmas" some day.

Merry Christmas.


Sorry to hear about the MRSA. Not fun and can be very serious pretty quickly. My nephew has had that twice on his face. First time they were able to I&D and antibiotics. Second time it hadn't come to a head to I&D and antibiotics were not doing the trick, so he had to stay in the hospital for about 3-5 days on IV antibiotics. When his little sister developed similar beginning symptoms that he had some time later, they had to practically force the ER to do a culture. Luckily no MRSA that time.

It is amazing how quickly kids bounce back!


I'm making the rounds to wish all of my blog friends a Merry Christmas!

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