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October 03, 2008



That was worth reading if only for the "To Be rather than appear" part of it. Thanks for that.


Because more and more time is elapsing - I did want to mention that Jenny did post a comment to this post.
I chose to unpublish that comment for the time being. I didn't do it becasue I don't want her voice to be heard but because I want to make a post out of it and further the discussion. It will be the end of the week before I'm finished because of other things on my plate now. Jenny makes some good points as well as some very biased points that I want to address. Stay tuned on that post.

Merilyn Newell

Dora -
Thank you for a true perspective of what our business and our lives should be about. What brought me to this post was its title...Esse quam videri. This just happens to be the state motto of my home state of North Carolina. While we learn it in grade school as "To be rather than to seem," the message is all the same. The Latin is on our state seal, but in reading your post here, I feel more personally connected to it than before. It is truly a motto to live by in a time and a world that glorifies the "appear" or "seem" part. Thank you again for your always grounded and personal perspective...hope you are doing well.

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