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September 23, 2008


Big Sister

MOM!!! I can't believe you!! Thats insane..I want mine like that...Zebra stripes are like the BEST THING EVER!!! haha..
I love you


I thought you might like it.
and I heart u 2 :)


I'm very boring apparantly. I did mine in hot pink once. I decided to give up my pedi's to save money, but I don't think it's worth it. I'll give up food instead!!! Ha Ha!!


Nothing exciting here, either. Sometimes, in the summer, when I'm tan, I'll use more vibrant colors. Orange or pink. My airbrushed designs or decorative accessories are always pretty tame.

I seem to recall during my 20's (a million years ago, at least) I had an earring type thing in my pinky fingernail that had a rhinestone, and a chain on it.


I love it! Pretty cool! I've never had my toes painted anything fun. But tomorrow I think I might go and get them done. I'm thinking Purple and Gold for LSU!

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