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September 06, 2008



It would depend on the school. There would have to be a reason or a benefit for sending them. Like if they were extremely talented and there were a performing arts school. (Yes, child of the 80's too much "Fame" in my formative years)

There is an excellent school for kids with Asperger Syndrome that I would love to send mine too. Public school has been fine, so far, but as they get older - I'm not sure how they'll hold up socially.

Miss Jan

Yes - if that school offered better options than the public school.

Our school system is ranked 421 out of 429, so we are actively looking at what we are going to do with the girls. The elementary schools seems to be fine, it's middle and high school that suck here. All of the surrounding schools are in the top 150. I'll have to pay tuition either way at some point.


I honestly can't say either way. Now that my kids are getting older, I think I would let them take the lead on that decision. Even now, we did that with our youngest. I wanted to move her to a different elem. school that isn't run like a prison and she asked to stay where her friends are.

Would she do better somewhere else? Quite possibly, but the social ramifications of moving them again would make me very reluctant to do so.


Oh, most definitely. And my kids have either attended Private school or been homeschooled. My kids have never attended public school and never will. At least not in East Baton Rouge Parish. Our school system is horrible and I'm sure ranks somewhere at the bottom. It's quite sad really.
Then again, the Private school they attended wasn't so great either. Which is why I homeschool now!

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