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August 31, 2008



I don't think he was thinking. I suspect his campaign panicked and chose her without fully vetting her.

They went for the split - ultra right-wing + disgruntled women votes.

I hope it bites them on the butt.


I'm not exactly sure, but maybe it's not so crazy. It has conservatives thrilled and liberals angry. People without a "wing" (who don't read blogs or watch/listen to NPR or Fox news etc.) think she's a nice looking person with a nice family. A few angry Hillary supporters might vote for her without realizing she's nothing at all like Hillary. Some guys who used to fantasize over Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" video will vote for her just because she wears those glasses. She is to Biden what Obama is to McCain. Polar opposites. It's keeping it interesting, that's for sure.

Inquiring minds are still waiting for the debates.

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