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August 25, 2006


wouldn't you like to know

pfft...what a copy cat....did you know that the person who started this company was a former Mary Kay consultant? Wow! What a coincidence that the structure is exactly the same! All the titles the same too! Hmmm...The Spirit of Beauticontrol award....doesn't that sound just like the Go-Give award in Mary Kay? How original! The only difference between the two is the products! Beauticontrol ruins your face while Mary Kay actually works! Too bad beauticontrol couldn't copy the formula for Mary Kay! They might of had a chance of making it! LOL! P.S. I am not a consultant with Mary Kay, just a HAPPY customer who gets pissed off at copycats!

Wash Lady

Nope...don't actually want to know who you are. Your attitude is poisionous and it's a shame that your venom has to spill into other people's lives and into a blog where you can't even own your own thoughts and words that you post.
I've said it before, I'll say it again - there is plenty enough business and prosperity to go around for everyone who wants some. Your innapropriate post only shows that you haven't grasped that concept yet.
Have a SPA tacular day, cause you deserve something better than what you have now :)

Ex beauticontrol

Beauticontrol are horrible copycats ewwwwww!!!

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