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May 22, 2006


Rich | Championable

We attempted three home births. One wound up in as a hospital transfer, since labor wasn't progressing. One wound up being an emergency c-section, prior to the onset of labor. And one was a home birth.

Having a child at home was amazing. We had a seriously qualified nurse-midwife, someone who wasn't anti-hospital, if necessary. It went wonderfully. The best part, though, was that after my daughter was born, I was able to run down to the kitchen and bring my wife a snack. It made things really sweet and gentle and lovely.


Sadly a lot of physicians (esp. neo natal) are up in arms about it. It is getting downright ugly where my friend works in London. I had a primary c/s for my son who turned breech during labour, and two amazing homebirths. Here in Canada most Provinces have funded midwifery, making it available to most people. We have a long way to go in North America... but I'm with you... to dream!


thanks for posting this! i can only hope this type of shift happens sometime soon in the U.S. as well.

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