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February 15, 2006



He did get me a card, even though neither one of us give a hoot about cards(I really do wish he would stop with the cards). Both of us feel as if this is one of those "Hallmark Holidays" so not much of anything is done on either part. I told him last week that if he felt like he just HAD to give me something to get me some more Oreos--which he did ;) He received zilch. Not even a homemade dinner. I was tired, didn't have time, didn't have anything thawed out, no leftovers, and baby girl was wanting attention...and he had a meeting to go to (WHO schedules a meeting on a holiday like this?)---we went to town in separate vehicles to grab something before his meeting--unfortunately he only had time to grab the salad bar. I did rub some lotion on his back before bed though. Then he went to bed and fell asleep while I nursed and rocked the baby---then I put her down and went to bed and fell asleep too.


Hey Mom,
I keep up with your blog now, and I thought it would be nice to leave you a lil message. i hoe you had a really good Valentine's Day! I know i talked to you last night. But I still wanted to tell you I love you!!
Buh BYes MOM!!


My mother and I have had just a crappy couple of months due to various health issues and household-repair annoyances...so the day before Valentine's Day I came home with a big bouquet and said, "WE NEED FLOWERS!!!" She was so tickled. (And I bought two boxes of sugarfree chocolates, and we ate those.;-))

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