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February 11, 2006



I am profoundly affected by this question. Crystal meth. We snorted it. We ate it. And for me, it provided the most pleasurable sex I've EVER had. Hours of intense love-making. Orgasms so powerful, I'd be reduced to tears. Of course I used speed on a "more regular basis." Of course I soon became addicted. So did she. There was no moral dilemma. There was only the desire for more speed. Drugs are terrible, WL. The hook, insidious. The longterm effects, pernicious.
I find your question both titilating and frightening. It was the best of times. It was the WORST of times. I'm out now. Still alive. I'll NEVER go back. It was incredible, yes. But not worth the risk.


I didn't say that I was advocating these type of enhancements - only asking a question.
I understand how bad drugs are, trust me.

So what about alcohol - where the risk of addiction is much less and it's legal.

I'm curious as to if one thing is ok and what is not and how you (meaning anyone reading this blog) would decide where and how to "draw the line."



Whoa...the first part of Dale's answer almost makes me want to change my mind, but I guess the second part keeps me where I am...just saying no to drugs.


Well, for me, having a glass or two of wine is just about the ONLY thing that gets me in the mood these days. Seriously! Since I had kids my libido has all but disappeared.

My husband knows that his only chance for any nookie is to come home with a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc. It's not a dead cert, but it's the only chance he has...

Does that count? :-)


I came on too strong, didn't I? I'm sorry WashLady. I meant no disrespect. I guess I have some pretty strong feelings about drugs. I apologise for my outburst.


No apology necessary Dale. I know where you are coming from. You don’t go quietly into the good night after living through and coming back from where you have been.

I say no to drugs because I’ll be sorry if I don’t. Now when it comes to alcohol – I have been known to sport an absurd level of libido when I drink tequila.

These kind of questions really cause us to think, don’t they? Hence the S2TA (something to think about)

I want to know where people would draw their lines and how they decide where that line is.

Again.....No apology necessary.


Coffee, chocolate and the occasional glass of wine are the only mood-altering substances I ingest...I guess I prefer to meet reality head on.


Not me. I can't imagine it getting any better. If it did, It might kill me. Good thing to, I think I have a drink about once a year, and drugs are a no, never, uh uh. I scarcely take the ones that make life in general more bearable. And even if I were more open to the idea, I'd hate the implications of where it would lead. Would I then have to take whatever it was in order to have sex? Would I not enjoy the unenhanced version anymore? Would I always be chasing after that feeling? That would (IMO) make a sex life worse down the line.


Unfortunately, I made it around the block a couple of times. Have the occasional drink before bed - doesn't necessarily enhance, ubt does help me relax and slow down my brain. Having partaken of more mood altering than I care to admit to - back in college - I would not do it again. Frankly, having *the one* has been much better than anything I have ever added to the mix - and like the mom above, if it were any better I think it would kill me.

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