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December 28, 2005



Well, that's not much fun. Hope you feel better soon.


I hope you feel better soon.


Oh no! Sending healthy thoughts your way. I hope you get good meds from the dr. to speed up recovery.


I am SO sorry!

Hope you feel better soon.

I also get those things stuck in my chest for months at a time. No fun.


Get well soon, WL. My mouth is swollen again. Lips this time, and throat. Not as bad as last night but I wish it would go away. That's why I'm sitting here awake at 1:00 a.m. If it gets much worse, I'm going back to the hospital.


Hi! I found you through Barb's blog where you commented...and I have been enjoying reading you recently. I will be adding you to my blog list. Hope you will add me, as well.

Hope you all feel 100% soon!
Happy New Year...


I just found your blog. I've enjoyed reading some of your entries. I'm sorry to hear that you are all sick. I hope it doesn't last long.

Happy New Year!



Just surfed in from BE. Love your blog title, Happy New Year and hope you feel better soon!


Yikes! I hope you feel better soon!


You poor thing! Get well SOON!!!!!


Hope 2006 finds you ALL feeling much better! We are all sick here too-including my husband who had to get on a plane yesterday and travel for 24 hours.

ann marie

Hope you're feeling better by now!

Have a healthy and happy new year!

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