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December 01, 2005



Up here, lots of us decorate before the end of November, a few early birds even in the first half of the month. But we don't have TG to distract us, and we had snow last week, which fostered the seasonal spirit. The tree is up, the dishes are out, other lights, little decorations here and there, several strands outside, and a hanging fir pot with a pretty bow.


i was checking out the map and anvilcloud and i are in the same general area...BUT i haven't even started decorating this year! guess i should get my rear in gear huh? *lol* silly home renovations have kept me hopping! this weekend though! :)


Two trees are up.

Then, I got sick.

They stand naked, mocking me.

I did get the mantle decorated, and the tree has lights, so I get to cough and shiver while looking at it's sparse loveliness.


The tree goes up and the house gets decorated the day after Thanksgiving every year. When the outside lights go up is anyone's guess. Hubby starts vacation tomorrow so maybe then?


The tree, the decorations and outdoor lights went up last weekend. the stage is set, but it's been really hard to feel the Holiday spirit this year. Thank goodness the boys are so excited. It is sometimes contagious.


I usually put mine up the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year we are moving to a new house before Christmas so I am waiting for the move to do the decorations


I usually put my tree up on December 1st - I figure it's not "right" to put it up before December!

It takes me all of 10 minutes to quickly erect the fake tree and put decorations and lights on it. And that's it. Done.

No, we don't decorate the rest of the house, and certainly not outdoors. No-one does that here in New Zealand, actually (or no-one I know, anyway!).


Speaking of holiday decorating... I wouldn't want to be this guy's neighbor, but I loved this. www.rattle.com/lights.wmv
I could listen to this song for a long time (Trans Siberian Orchestra "Wizard in Winter") thankfully, I have the Cd, so I don't have to risk seizure by looking at the lights too long. =)

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