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December 23, 2005



We finally have our tree up and my fiance is taking the kids shopping for me today so for me this will be a great christmas. In all the years I was married I never had presents since my ex didnt feel like shopping. Since my divorce I used to give my kids a little money so they could shop for me. They were always upset when they were little that mom didnt have any presents like they did. So this year I am very into the season. Tonight I will be finishing up some last minute baking before the kids head off to see dad and tomorrow will be wrapping and relaxing until they return.


I have kept my list light this year. I have roll dough in the fridge to bake tomorrow and I have sugar cookie dough in the fridge also that needs to be rolled out, cut, baked and iced (was going to do that today but running out of time--so tomorrow it will be), and I have a couple of pies to make and bake for tomorrow evening which I will do sometime tomorrow also. I have a couple of presents left to wrap. The tree is up and decorated and has been for a week or so. I'm not doing any other decorations---I simply do not have the time and I'm not going to stress. I doubt I'll make any fudge or any other holiday sweets that I usually enjoy doing. Baby girl is just taking up too much time to be able to do all I would have liked without stress and frustration. So, I'm letting all that other stuff go but if I have time then great---if not, there will be other years.


Done. Totally and completely done! Gosh, it feels good.


Not done. Not done at all.


Lots of cleaning to do.

But, the baking is done.

Waiting for the first Grandchild.

I could not be happier!


I'm done. I've been done for weeks. it was so much easier this year, having more time to myself. I guess I'm not really done though.. I got a good picture, made a ton of copies, sat down ot do Christmas cards, and somehow, some way, my address book is um, gone? Did I delete it somehow? I don't know. So, now I will wallpaper my house with a cute photo of my kids by the tree. I only sent to the people I had actual handwritten (gasp) addresses for in my old fashioned book. There's something to be said for old fashioned.

I haven't felt any stress, really. It was nice to have tasks to accomplish. So, I set out and got to them. I have been very emotional, but I'd be worried if i wasn't.

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