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December 22, 2005



Well, we had a Carol Sing (otherwise known as a "stump the organist" session) last night. We interspersed scripture readings with carols, and the congregation called out their favorites for me to play. Since our church usually only has a handful of people attending the mid-week Eucharist, I felt particularly gratified that we had almost as many people as show up on Sun. morning!

On Christmas eve, we will have a candlelight service. Since we have a very young congregation with lots of children, it will be early in the evening rather than midnight. I'm very excited that we have a harpist who will be playing the pre-service music as people enter the church.


We do not have any plans to attend any "special" services. We attend church pretty regularly. Even if we had no young children I doubt we would plan to attend the Christmas Eve services. I guess I don't feel the "need" to go somewhere to celebrate---we can do that at home.


I'll be attending the Christmas Eve service (as Santa!!) and then I'll be back in church on Christmas morning. I've never been to church on Christmas Day before, and I'm excited about it!

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