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December 20, 2005



As a child? I remember hiding in this old shack thing in our back yard - it used to be the utility room that was attached to the outside of our trailer. I'd go there and play and solve all my worries.
As I got older, my room was the place that I escaped to.
Now? I like to hide/escape at the spa :)


I don't recall hiding as a child. If I wanted to be off to myself I could take a book to my bedroom or could go play in the back yard, hitting a tennis ball against the basement. Now I try to get away on a bike and ride on the Silver Comet Trail.


I could use a break from our company-as in the in laws! As of now, they will be here 3 more full days and 3 nights....but with them, you never know. I used to hid in my room and play my stereo, or "hide" at the piano....no one would disturb me when I would play, except my sister! My Mom could always tell what kind of mood I was in by what I played.


I used to take a bean bag chair and put it up against my bedroom window with the curtains around it to create a little secluded hideaway. I'd read there for hours. Now, I run away to Barnes & Noble whenever I get the chance. I get a cup of coffee and a good book and shut out everything around me.


My house had a corner in the backyard. I loved it there.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but now I hide by blogging...

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