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August 12, 2005




I love it. Thanks for increasing my word power. Maybe you should do a word a day in addition to the daily question. :)


The concierge was about the only thing we were impressed about in the hotel we stayed in.
Aside from being unbelievably artificially pleasant and ingratiating (perhaps 'have a nice day' doesn't sit well with us Brits), the concierge in our hotel was fantastic - really knowledgeable and gave us great recommendations for restaurants. I was particularly impressed by the concierge on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - a time when you'd be struggling to find a restaurant in the UK that was both open and not fully booked.

I *loved* that Bubba Gump link. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes...



That has got to be the best word I have ever heard.


well i just love there services they make life so easy going , even they can arrange movie tickets for you aww such a wounder full service.

Dora Locklear

Well I would expect you to love their services....you are one! (did you think I would miss the opportunity for you to self promote? @@)

I am quite fond of a concierge myself.... WHEN they perform their responsibilities well. Ours in that hotel in NYC did NOT.

I've been to other hotels where the concierge was so on top of things that it could make your head swim. The one we had at the DoubleTree Times Square was not.

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