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March 18, 2005



Thanks for the daydreams link. For some strange reason, it seems relevant to me.

Our robins aren't here yet, but like the daffodils, they soon will be.


Thanks for the link. I too shed tears when I went over to read Will you listen?

I could see the light shining through the fog - thanks for pointing me to it.


Amen, Sister. Amen .
A great, blinding fog still covers my heart in the matter of my ex and daughter and son. I pray for it to lift and be gone, along with my pride. One day perhaps ...

Well done. Nicely written.


Me again. My eyes must have been rather teary and foggy the other day because I got the blog info mixed up. It was "At School" on the Daydreams site that made me cry. I thought it was called Will you listen!! I went back to read it today and was quite surprised to see that it wasn't called Will You Listen!!!! Needless to say this has been an up-side-down week.

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