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101 Tidbits of information you might be interested to know:

1) I'm a very complex person; just ask my husband :)

2) I was born in Savannah, GA

3) I once stuck my foot into a moving bicycle spoke because I wanted the driver
of the bike to stop. She did.

4) I lost my virginity to the boy next door in March of my Junior year of high school.
It was a wonderful experience.

5) My mother read about it in my diary and blabbed it everywhere to embarrass me.
It wasn't wonderful after that.

6) I'm one half German.

7) I hate green rain frogs. No, I REALLY hate green rain frogs.

8) I've struggled with being overweight since puberty.

9) I beleive that I will die an a wreck.

10) I have PCOS and I've been known to have anxiety attacks (not that these two conditions
are related)

11) My favorite color is Red.

12) I have traveled to Germany 3 times in my life. The last time was 23 years ago.

13) I used to be married to a man who liked to dress up like a woman and have sex
with other men and women who liked the same things.

14) I wished my entire adolescence that my parents had divorced each other.

15) I married the first time because I was pregnant. I married the 2nd (and last) time for
all the right reasons. I'd marry him all over again.

16) With my 1st wedding, I borrowed a wedding dress because my parents would only spend $500.
(I always felt like my mom wanted to punish me for embarrassing her) With the 2nd wedding,
my mom purchased an exquisite wedding gown for me to wear. She admitted it was to admonish her

17) I once danced in the rain buck-nakid for 2 hours.

19) The last 5 years of my 1st marriage was for outside show. I hated him. Still do.

20) The only good thing(s) that came out of that marriage were my 2 daughters.

21) The final straw for me was when I found out that he had been having sex with
our next door neighbor on our front porch while I was out of town on business.

22) He liked to watch me have sex with other men. One time when I refused to do it
anymore - he drugged me and I woke up 7 hours later. (I still don't know all the details of what happened)

24) I broke off my engagement to the man I lost my virginity with because my mom convinced
me that he didn't love me and only wanted my cherry (this later was determined to be one of
biggest lies she told me.) With my life experiences in my back pocket - I know that what I
felt for him was the real thing and I could have made a future with him.

25) My father was physically and emotionally absent in my childhood. He most likely worked
all the time to get away from my mother.

26) I had to take History 101 in college 3 times to scrape by with a D.

27) I was 35 years old before I learned how to value money.

28) My favorite classical music is by Bach.

29) I once was the top salesperson in a direct sales marketing unit of over 1500 women.

30) The most I ever sold in one month was $7K.

31) I am close with my daddy now - he is a different person than when I was a child.

32) I play the flute. (my hubby says that I play very well)

33) I took piano lessons in high school but hated my teacher becasue she made me cut my nails.

34) I graduated #7 in my highschool class of 276

35) I am 5 foot 6 inches short.

36) I have a 17 year old daughter who taught me about life. She goes off to college in the fall.
In many and various ways, I am jealous of her.

37) I'm a jack of all trades but a master of none.

38) I never finished college because I wanted to stay at home with my oldest daughter.

39) My biggest fear used to be becoming like my mother.

40) I had an emergency section in 1987. Her apgars were 3 and 4. She weighed 10# & 1oz.
and was 21" long. I believe my Dr. was drunk at the time.

41) My eyes are my favorite feature.

42) I had a VBAC in a birthing center. That daughter weighed 9#10oz and was 20" long.

43) I was naturally white blond as a child and blond for 35 years with the help of highlights.
My natural color is brunette now.

44) I cry at almost all sad movies and EVERY Hallmark commercial on TV.

45) I am fascinated with pregnancy and natural birth.

46) Since 1989, I've wanted to become a midwife. I realize that I'll never do it because
of the sacrifices to my family.

47) My 13 year old daughter thinks that I'm "cool". She admits this in public to her friends.

48) I have had 4 HIV test - they all have been negative.

49) I was baptized Lutheran and both of my weddings have been in the Lutheran Church but I attend an Episcopal church now. We stay because of the priest.

50) I believe that God's grace is abundant and that He loves everyone - regardless of our
sins, sexuality, race, etc., and that all we need to do is accept that love.
No one gets a "better seat" in heaven because of their good works, religious affiliation
or how many souls they have saved. I believe that many people will be surprised to find
themselves in hell when they expected to be spending eternity in heaven.

51) My first date as a divorcee was 12 hours after my divorce was final.

52) Inspite of my very hard exterior, I am soft and vulnerable on the inside.

53) My present husband was also my high school band director.

54) I was great friends with his wife for 8 years before she died of cancer.

55) I am a huge bitch with very high expectations.

56) My son was born in the water at home.

57) I love the written word, I love putting my thoughts to words.

58) My husband became a father for the 1st time at the age of 55.

59) I got pregnant 2 days after my period without having sex in January of 2004.

60) That baby was also born at home but not in the water.

61) I haven't had intercourse in over 14 months.

62) I will not have intercourse until my hubby confirms that the vasectomy worked.

63) I support Planned Parenthood.

64) I am afraid of the Religious Right and Christian Conservative fundamental frame of mind.

65) I did not vote for Bush. I cried the night of the election.

66) I do not think the gov't belongs in a woman's reproductive business.

67) My husband is a musical composer/arranger. His clients include bands from all over the world.

68) My husband wrote music for the 96 Olympics

69) Somedays - I don't like it that he works from home.

70) I buried my pregnant sister 9 weeks before I gave birth to my 2nd daughter in 1991.

71) I still miss her, even after 14 years.

72) I laugh when I say The Lord's Prayer because I think of my sister & how she would articulate
certain words.

73) I dated a guy whose family owned a furniture store and one night we christened every single
bed on the showroom floor.

74) I was offered $10K by my XFIL to submit to a paternity test for my oldest daughter.

75) I am easily aggitated by our family dog.

76) I wear a 40G size bra.

77) When I finish nursing my baby - I am getting a breast reduction/lift.

78) My favorite romantic comedy is Notting Hill with Love Actually as a close runner up
but I am not a Hugh Grant fan, per se.

79) I need to learn how to have more fun in my life. I'm too serious.

80) I almost lost the use of my right leg in an auto accident in Nov. 98

81) I dated my husband for almost 6 months before we had sex. I was on my period EVERY single
time that we were together.

82) Some days, I feel like I have failed miserably at mothering.

83) I've suffered from depresson on and off since puberty.

84) I've been in some form of therapy since 11th grade.

85) I'm 38 years old.

86) I've attended over 80 births as a doula.

87) I'm new to blogging and I'm already addicted.

88) During my lifetime, I've been so far down and out that I attempted suicide.

89) I can name my very close friends on one hand and aquaintances on many.

90) I love tequila, especially in a good margarita.

91) I can prepare chicken about 40 different ways.

92) I was molested when I was 13. My mother said that I invited it.

93) I enjoy fresh flowers.

94) I love receiving jewelry as a gift. I am thankful that my husband likes to give it to me.

95) I love to cook but I hate cooking in my kitchen.

96) Within the next 14 months, we will be building our dream home across the street
into the side of the hill.

97) I love my kids as much as life itself but somedays - being a mommy is not enough for me.

98) I'm almost 40 and in many ways - for the first time, discovering what makes me happy and healthy.

99) I never thought that I would make it this far with individual tidbits of information about myself.

100) There is a swarm of ladybugs that live in the trac of my sliding window in the sunroom.

101) I don't think we are ever too old to laugh, love, or learn something new each day.