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January 22, 2009



Wow! You've got a lot of opinions for your symptoms. Who knows, but it seems like more than SAD to me (me, who knows nothing about it).


Dora, I am so glad you're seeing some lift. I hate it that you've been feeling so down. You know you can always get in touch with me if you need a shoulder or a boost.


It seems that whatever it is, that the only cure is to get up each morning and refuse to lie in despair. It's probably a little bit of everything, which is why it is so suffocating. When so many things accumulate over decades of time, you can't shake them all off in one fell swoop.

I have a little experience here, and can offer you this. If you continue to be honest about how you are feeling, making the right changes in your life, fixing your good relationships and backing away from the toxic ones, it will turn around. I wish there was a magic cure, or a way to fix it. The ones who love you can offer tons of support, but the hard work is yours. The good news is that you are undoubtedly capable of it. (Of course, if you have any clinical depression, you might require pharmaceutical help as well, but that's between you and your doctors - and it's supposed to assist with the real work, not replace it.)

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