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January 21, 2009



Sounds like her letter which led to your letter is a better way to end it than the way it was.

Jinky Bean

Yes. I'm glad she wrote to you. My high school best friend and I grew apart quickly. We both behaved badly, and in the end I admittedly behaved worse. Now, years later, we live maybe 25 minutes from each other, 2 hours away from our home town. We see each other maybe one time a year. But it had its time. I married and had babies, she is still unmarried and travels. We had a good run...


I have had a relationship end (both business and personal for over 10 years) recently, actually rather abruptly. I don't know if there was anything else I could have done. She's had some health and personal issues to deal with, ran her business into the ground (to the point that she lost ALL of her clients), went into what I believe is a depression and I'm left wondering what to do next. I did everything I could to keep her business going, but I feel like she also completely undermined my efforts(I was her right-hand gal). When I tried to talk to her (even just to talk as a friend) she brushed me off. So, I HAD to move on, had to find work from other sources. Still sad that the "friendship" seems to be over without even a goodbye. My husband thinks she did me dirty. I'm not sure what to think anymore.

Am I at "peace" with it? Don't know as if I'd go that far, but I don't feel bitter either. I guess I'm at peace that I stood by her and was her friend and did what I could. Still boggles my mind (and ticks me off slightly) that she just ruined her business. Still feel a little hurt in that our friendship doesn't even seem to mean much at all to her. Makes me wonder if we really had a "friendship" after all.

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