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December 14, 2008



I'm sorry that your poor baby is going through this. How awful for all of you.

Experience counts for nothing when it's your own child. You know my background. Peds, Peds ICU, L&D.. None of the blood and gore prepared me for my own children's medical adventures. Both C&M have severe egg allergies, asthma, and some genetic thing that causes kidney stones. While I was as cool as a cucumber when little Johnny or Sally Doe came to my unit, when it's my kid covered in hives, or wheezing, or standing in front of a toilet full of blood, my knees go weak, my face turns pale, and it's all I can do not to go into full fledged panic.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You can't turn back time. She'd still have the same infection. It wouldn't be as bad, but it was still there. You wanted her to be fine, you didn't want her to miss her activities, so when somebody gave you information that supported the better outcome, you took comfort in it. That's what most people would have done, I know this from experience.

All will be well again, and sooner than you think. Oh, and.. Pffffffffft. (that's supposed to be a blowing sound)

Jinky Bean

Nodding my head yes, yes to every thing NYTM said. I can ride the truck (ambulance) handle the situation, and be fine. My own child - well then I might have to cry a minute and get my head together. It's because it is your baby.

Listen, I've been told I'm full of hot air a time or two, so I'll send some your way.


Just as Jinky, I too am nodding my head in agreement. It's a parent thing. Our flesh and blood will stir every emotion up that we have.

Thinking of you and sending quick healing vibes to little sister.

I'd send you some air but I'm stuck blowing my own sails, fighing to stay afloat. I'll pray for us both!

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