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December 30, 2008



Well, at least you found the #$%^&* Wii. I'm going to feel sorry for you for at least a minute. Nobody should be crying that many tears at Christmastime.

The littlest ones look happy. I used to say that's why they called the scrapbooking company "creative memories". You can create whatever kind of life you'd like and save it in books. We can take gorgeous pictures like these, snip them a little, put them on a page with some cute stickers and nobody would ever be the wiser that it wasn't sunshine and lollipops all the time. =)

Okay, moving on. Happy New Year!

Jinky Bean

I'm glad your looking forward. Listen, next year you should come spend Christmas with us...we are always broke (sometimes by choice or what we tell people so we don't get sucked in) but we have the best time. This year we packed about 30 people into the corner of my kitchen for a group pic and there was still room for more. I believe that space has your name on it : )

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