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November 11, 2008


Miss Jan

I'm sending you feel better vibes right now. Really, though, if you need to stay home, you need to stay home. Don't wear yourself out now, pace yourself to feel better. I don't want to read in January that you are massively sick....

But, I really wanna see you too - SO FEEL BETTER!

Charlie Pharis

Ditto on Miss Jan's comment...don't overdo it. Praying for y'all here...


Ya gotta know that someone is a long, long way from here if they poison ivy in November. :)


AC - We still really can't figure out how I got it on my skin. I was careful but it didn't show up until almost 4 days after being in the yard. Every time before - it was within 30 minutes. I think I touched something that the oils were on and it got me. Each time I have it - it is worse and gets more of my body. Now, apparently, it's on the inside of me.

Jinky & Charlie - point taken in the spirit intended.

Big Sister

Trust me Mom...theres NO way Im letting this visit go by without me seeing you. I need a break from the bouncer anyway..

speaking of....

any clue when you might update on that particular story?


Another vote for "Take the time and get well soon". I really hope you're well enough to travel to see Jinky. I hope you two have a fantastic time together. I pray all the health issues resolve very soon for you. Prayers for your fathers surgery, your mother as she travels as well as some time with Big Sister too. Hugs!


You've got so much going on! Take care of yourself in the midst of all of it.

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