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October 02, 2008





"but I don't believe her and I don't think she's qualified for the office."

i say the same thing regarding obama...he may be a good public speaker but i dont believe him and i dont think he's qualified for the office.


I respect your opinion even though I disagree with it.
Is this just a feeling that you have or do you have an example or instance where he has given you reason to mistrust or doubt him?
What about him do you not trust?


I thought she was fine. A little bit hokey, and definitely a Washington outsider, but standing next to Biden with his fake tan, Botox'd face, capped, bleached teeth and fake smile, it was a nice contrast. She's obviously a quick study, so if McCain/Palen get elected, she'd be fine. She's got a thicker resume than Obama, and she's running at the bottom of the ticket.

I know everyone is convinced McCain is going to drop dead any second, but have you seen his mother? She's got to be getting close to 100 and she looks fine. I think he'd last the next 4 years.

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