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October 30, 2008


Miss Jan

I like hearing all of it. It's like picking up the phone and sharing your days, events, what makes you happy. I come here out of habit a lot, because my hands just move. I come here because you like blogs that I like too, and I can click their link from your roll. I like hearing all about the kids, the business, Musicman, and all the other stuff thrown in. Because I like you.


I like to read about everything! Just everyday life stuff that we all deal with in one way or another. I always liked to hear your take on things b/c you have always had such a great way with words =)


It's funny how we use our blogs for different things. They are like living documents, changing to reflect what's important to us at one time and demonstrating our changing priorities, stresses, triumphs and challenges.

I agree with Jan. Visiting your blog is like checking in with a friend. I enjoy hearing how things are going with you and yours. Thank you for sharing with us.


I think it's interesting how our blogs evolve to reflect what's going on in our lives and taking up space in our heads.

Jan's right. Visiting your blog is like visiting a friend. I enjoy hearing what's going on with you and yours. Thank you for sharing.


I read to keep up with what's going on with you and your life. Since you're multifaceted, it includes a lot of stuff. Some of it interests me more, some less, but YOU always interest me, and it's all about you. The kids, husband, work, etc, are backdrop to your story. It's probably why a lot of women like to blog. The "real" world see us in our roles. For instance, I can be a mother, a wife, a nurse, a room parent, blah blah blah.. not many people ever see the big picture. Here, you can tell whatever stories you'd like, paint the picture you want us to see that day. Nobody gets to interrupt or push you back into the corner they like you in until they're finished, and if you'd like, you can delete comments that are stupid, negative or annoying.

Boy, how nice life would be if we had a delete button, like that easy button in the Staples commercials!

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