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October 28, 2008



I had to peek earlier to see how things worked out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she works out. Breaking in new people is hard. You're definitely nicer than I am. =)


I really had to think about what my goals are and how I was going to get what I want and how that fits into what and who I am. The challenge has been doing that amidst all this steroid fuzz.

I believe that people can only meet expectations when they know what those expectations are.
I believe that those expectations can be clarified once, tested for understanding, and then enforced.
If not met, the the opportunity closes and we move on.
I made a choice to move forward with the clarifications because I like to believe in people but right now - I really do not want to have to begin the process of finding and especially training, someone else to do this job....hopefully, I won't have to do that.
I am prepared if I have to but I still don't want to.

and who knows....perhaps this will be an opportunity for her to move beyond where she is and respond to the invitation that I've presented. I'm not her savior..or mother...but we all have areas in our lives that can be enriched by others. Hers and mine included :)

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