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October 27, 2008



I'm empathetic to the plight of the steroids. I know the insanity. I'm glad it will be over soon.

The thing with the assistant.. like I put in another reply.. if she walked into work at a legal closing, or a child's birth, or a church sermon and proceeded to take phone calls and text messages or interrupted the important things that were happening with with sob stories about her life, she'd be shown the door without any ceremony. She's not coming over for tea and crumpets. It's work. It's your business. She's there to work. It's not any reflection on you as a person that you don't want to tolerate it, I promise. I'm sure Bill Gates and Donald Trump didn't get where they were by putting chaise lounges and crying towels in their employees' offices, or by installing special phone lines so that their employees could use the "bat phone" to get their ear any time they were having a bad day.

As your friend I know that you are kind, sympathetic and a good person. (I also know that this woman is not the kind of person you would choose as a friend, but that's another story) It's more important that she perceives you as a strong business woman than as a friend. In fact, she probably does think of you as a friend now, and it's why she feels like she can get away with so much stuff on your time.

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