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September 22, 2008



I don't have a blog, but I can tell you what's on my desk. I'm a minimalist.

My monitor, (it's kind of big and flat screened) a printer, a pair of Bose speakers and their volume control, an SD card reader/writer, the USB cable for my camera, a calculator, a cup with pens and pencils, a tube of BeautiControl Extreme Repair hand therapy, a pad of sticky note paper, and the can of diet Dr. Pepper I'm drinking.

Miss Jan

I can't find my camera (uhoh) but I'll tell you about my desk anyway. I have a flat screen monitor, the cable modem, mouse, a kitchen utensil thing that I use for pens, pencils, my calculator, and gift cards. Speakers, a candle, a printer, a calendar, a stack of papers , a few boods, a stapler, a water bottle, a rickers cup, my cell phone, a teddy bear, a hairbrush, handful of pictures, a couple of pics the kids colored to send to Steve, my letter to Steve, a nail file, the tweezie thing Sparky got for me, Emmy's mp3 player, a cd of random music. And that's just what I can see for sure.

I'm a clutter girl, but it's how I function. When I put things away I can't find them, which is probably where my camera is!


Too funny! I'm late to get here today and what do you know? To break up the monotony of politics, I did a post today of pictures of things on the front of our refrigerator.


My desk is the kids desk right now. It's piled up with bills, a headband, some receipts, a flowerpot full of writing utensils and two phones.


It's quite a messs!! 2 printers, calculator, hand lotion, a world's greates mom statue, cup of pens, 1 earring (who knows where the other is), half a glas of diet Dr. Pepper thats been here for 2 days and a cat!!!

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