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September 27, 2008



These things are so rehearsed, scripted and controlled that I don't think I've seen a clear winner in a debate for a long, long time.


I didn't think it was well moderated. Jim wanted them to argue, but they preferred to speak directly to him, instead. When they did argue, he didn't have very good control over the flow and direction of the debate. Both candidates held their talking points closely. I thought Obama did more so, but I have the advantage of not agreeing with either of them about anything.

It was close, but I'd give the win to McCain. Obama's two huge gaffes on Iraq were pretty big. 1. Not knowing the soldier's name on the bracelet was really awkward - and 2. Instead of saying that if a soldier is following his orders then he has not died in vain - he should have re-phrased his response to say that he had changed his position since his 2002 speech when he used those very words. I guess that's one of my biggest problems with Obama so far, he's seemingly incapable of saying he was wrong about anything. Shoot, everybody gets something wrong sometimes. He's clearly made some poor judgment calls. We all have. I don't know why he doesn't own up to his mistakes. I think if he did, that he'd come off a lot better for it.


I noticed early on that McCain wouldn't look at Obama and figured that it was because his campaign had instructed him to do that to keep from losing his temper.

I've seen quite a bit of analysis about it, but the thing that tickles me now is the fact that McCain surrogates are responding with "McCain could see right through Obama" as their response to why McCain wouldn't make eye contact with Obama.

If that's the best they can do, it seems to me that they're struggling to claim the win. Well, except for the fact that they had already purchased sidebar ads at the WSJ online to claim victory before it was even clear as to whether McCain would participate or not.

The debates are interesting for body language and style. I think the real trick is winning the undecideds. Most of us who are already engaged see it through partisan eyes.

The undecideds thought Obama won.

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