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September 25, 2008



That is awesome!!!! Congratulations on a successful event!

I hope tomorrow goes well,too.


It's definitely a good feeling to be involved. Now you know that come what may, at least you did your part to further what YOU thought was best for this country. At the moment, my activist energy is being channeled toward my elected officials about the economy.

The MILF thing.. it's weird, but it happens. Some people really do vote for candidates based on how they look. During the Kerry/Edwards and Bill Clinton years, I did more than my share of eye rolling. Now it's Obama's and Palin's turn. When the women on "The View" started in on how handsome Obama is, I almost puked. Now we get to add ethnicity and gender to the mix. The ones who won't vote for Obama because he's black, and the many who will vote for him simply because he IS black. The women who'll vote for McCain because Palin is female, and the ones who won't because she's not the kind of woman they think she should be. Sometimes, by the end of the extremely long process of our Primary and General Election Seasons, I think maybe those people are better off. At least their heads aren't spinning from it all. I'm just kidding, I do love politics, but I'm glad it will be over soon.

Congratulations on a successful event.


I'm impressed by your activism, especially since you are one the right side. :)

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