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August 16, 2008


Miss Jan

I'm still reading....and sending hugs, and thanking you for sharing.


What a cruel thing this is and it's played out over and over. When you are seeking help, the least you should be able to expect is an honest representation by those "professionals" who claim to want to help.


Wow! Up here, I hear the opposite stories. Women go in to a clinic for counseling and before they can blink the abortion is being scheduled.

Clearly, women are being short changed on both ends. There should be a place to turn where a person could get solid, honest information. If people are truly "pro choice" then they need to present ALL the choices. If they are "pro life" then they should be clear about it, and the case they plan to present.

This post is going to make me think a lot, and it'll probably end up being a call to duty.


Remember NYTW that this was 22+ years ago and it was in a Bible Belt small college town filled with (insert description of these people).

We all know the extent to which some will go to protect life at all cost.

Planned Parenthood is the way that you describe (in my numerous experiences with other women). They put every single option out there, don't pay more attention to one over the other and then go from there.

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