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August 17, 2008



That's a beautifully written piece of personal history.


I'll confess.. I did the mental math after reading part one. I knew the outcome, but I never knew the story. Thank you for sharing it. It's also softened my heart toward the bouncer. It's nice to read about the side of him that you fell in love with.

I can't help thinking about your losses and "what if? s" but how incredibly blessed you are to have oldest sister. She is such an incredible young woman.

Doors close, windows open.


Wow! Powerful writing!


Thanks everyone.
This has certainly been an exercise emotionally for me.

My whole life has been once series of openings and closings of doors. I wish now that I had named this series "Doors" instead of The Bouncer. Oh well.

It started as a challenge from my therapist.

And NYTW - there "was" a lot to love about him in the beginning....really a lot....and I did.

Miss Jan

I also did the math, and have been trying to remember how old Oldest Sister was when we met in Tenn, and how old would she be now....

I've often wondered how you ended up married to him, and now I understand. I'm sorry he turned out to be an ass, but I am thankful to see at one point he was decent.

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