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August 18, 2008


Miss Jan

Was Big Brother only 18 months then? I remember Emmy struggling to say his name over and over again : )

Emmy started school today. Three more weeks and the little two will be at school as well. Twelve hours a week....all for me. I'm sure I'll use them to clean house, and study, but it's all different when you are not dealing with kids.

My class is moving along and I'm sure by November I'll be logging hours on the ambulance and in the emergency room.


Hi, just started reading your posts about 2 weeks ago. The bouncer series had me checking every 3 or 4 hours for the finale.

Anyway, my big plans are a trip to the beach - Mind therapy!!! Can't wait!!! Lots of wine and sunshine!!!


That's great for you and MusicMan!

We're going to try to get through the autumn without losing our minds. Work for me is getting busy, MathMan is back to school and will be coaching fall baseball, The Actor has baseball, Cupcake has soccer and The Dancer will be consumed with rehearsals for the Nutcracker and a heavy workload for her IB classes.


The fall baseball team has come together and we have our first practice on Thursday. I also volunteered to help the baby's soccer coach.

But most importantly the trip that Dcup and I started continues.


This fall will have me hitting the books again with the hopes of achieving four 4.0 classes. (Anatomy & Physiology, Cultural Connections, Nutrition, and my EMT program!)

Oh how I miss my Band Days when you talk of music.

I'd love a trip away but I'm not sure if it will be an option or not. :(


Miss Jan

Becky, if you can make it to central Indiana---girl you've got a place to stay : ) That goes for Dora and MusicMan too!


Good for you! November is a great time to go. The children will be settled into their school routines, and you'll get some time away before the Holidays begin. It sounds fabulous. Have fun and enjoy it.

Everything with the boys is a coming together. The stuff we take for granted is never easy for them, so watching them grow and take on responsibility is nice. Right now, we're preparing for back to school (Sept 4th) and all of the excitement, transition and anxiety an 8 year old could hope for.

DH is playing in a band with some very talented musicians and hopefully they will create a stir in the local music scene.

Exactly a year ago, we did a huge home renovation. That is now a continuous coming together, and will keep me busy for years.

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