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October 15, 2005



Wow, that's it, just Wow. Happy Birthday baby K. You are a very lucky little girl.


She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that story.


Happy Birthday Baby K!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Jennifer (tagunsmommy on ivillage)

What a beautiful story, if not a simple one. You have a beautiful daughter. 1st birthdays are always so full of memories. My baby seemed inspired by your story too, as he/she has been kicking like crazy the whole time I've been reading it (and not much before or even since).


Wow, what a beautiful story. It brought a tear to my eye. Happy Birthday K!


Thank you for posting that. I felt your fear of those 20 seconds post birthing. My last 3 all were not *right* just after birth with Zachary being the worst. He was like K was...cord white and flat, body totally limp and color...well, it makes my DH shudder just to go back there in his mind. At least my last 2 were pink and not breathing.

I am sad that our last births couldn't have been what we'd dreamed. You are right. They were what they were and we were blessed with beautiful girls that will forever make us fill with awe at our accomplishments of those days just a bit over a year ago.

Thank you again!

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