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September 08, 2005


Charlie Pharis

A reasonable amount is being delegated to B so that I don't get overwhelmed. He has the major child care responsibility because he wants it that way (I love him for this - he loves his children) or perhaps because he wants to avoid anything that has to do with 'selection' of anything that involves color or matching, LOL.

Smart man, that B! The only "selecting" we ought to have to do is whether our last words will be "yes, dear" or "yes, ma'am."

Really, it sounds like the plan is coming together! Enjoy the ride!


I'm so excited for you!

Do you think you'll be settled in in November? The girls and I are planning a tentative trip back there then. (gotta plan around preschool now)

You can do it! I remember when we were in the thick of moving during the ice storm...and we made it. Have you told the inlaws yet?


Whew! I need a nap after that email. Sounds exciting and sounds like you have everything under control. Glad you found the 10% coupon. Good luck with the flooring.


Did you tell the in-laws yet? What did they say? (Maybe you mentioned that already and I just can't remember.)

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