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September 01, 2005



What I keep getting boiled down to is this.....how bad do we want that house and what are we willing to pay for it after all is said and done?

I think you have answered your question right there.

A man from our church that is a contractor told us to think of our new home as a lifetime investment and to think at least 10 years ahead of where we are now. Think of what and where 10 years will take you...and will you wish for that house? In 10 years do you anticipate that house will still fits your needs? When it came to the cash part of the house, we tried to think of where will be in a few years. We decided to be tight right now, because our goals in the next few years will accomodate us.

Good luck!


You must know in your gut if the house is yours or not (warts and all) . You probably knew it the moment you walked in.
If you can close your eyes and see yourself, your husband and your childern living there and making memories then the repairs are just something to deal with.

If it doesn't feel right to you then it probably isn't and maybe it's time to look elsewhere.


Our crawlspace was in wretched shape when we bought our home too. Thanks for bringing back the memories... lol.

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