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August 31, 2005



Guess I fixed those darn pictures, huh? @@


Looks like a wonderful place to call home! Y'all should have quite the adventure getting it into shape. Enjoy!


My 2 cents...I'd leave the mag. tree be. I like big ol' trees like that. I agree with you about the boxwoods... making them smaller will indeed make the house appear larger. I think, it would also give you room to plant in some low colorful plants/border plants.

Since you don't want your house to be obscured, this next suggestion should be tossed out right off! But I'm not a big fan of wanting people to see me/my house. We like our privacy. If it were me, I'd put in the largest blue spruces and other like evergreens. They grow tall and big and make beautiful natural fences.

I don't like fruit trees much. I didn't know this until we moved here and got 3 with this lot. They had a blight. To fix it and keep it fixed would require more work than I wanted to be bothered with. The fruit that was produced, never grew to eating size and so rotted on the tree and feeds bees and what drops to the ground brings ants and rats...shudder! ick! We are having them cut out.

I do like dogwoods, ornamental cherries and redbuds.

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